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Steve Aoki and RZA soundpacks for ROLI Noise...

ROLI has launched a collection of Soundpacks from Steve Aoki and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan. The custom-made soundpacks are available to anyone making music on BLOCKS and NOISE — ROLI's new music creation system.

DJs and producers can explore a huge range of sounds with the Neon Future pack by Steve Aoki, or the Spoonful of Grit pack by RZA, there are also seven other soundpacks that ROLI has released including Giant Dubstep, World Colours, Video Games, and Expressive Electronic.

The collection of nine soundpacks triples the number of sounds available on BLOCKS and NOISE and marks the beginning of a soundpack collection that will grow throughout 2017, as renowned artists and sound designers craft and share their sounds.

All the new soundpacks are available to purchase or redeem in addition to ROLI's Fundamentals soundpack in the Soundpack Store, which is now a feature in NOISE, ROLI’s free music-making app and the software engine of BLOCKS.

The packs contain a collection of synth sounds, Drum Kits, and Groove Kits -  interactive kits that let anyone make multi-layered, professional-sounding grooves. The contents and prices vary from £2.99 to £4.99.