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Declan McGlynn
30 March 2022, 17:02

ROLI launches newly redesigned Seaboard RISE 2

The new updated version of the RISE was teased in February this year

roli rise 2

ROLI has launched a new version of their flagship Seaboard RISE. The RISE 2 features an ‘easier to play, redefined and reimaged’ design, with a thinner casing, Originally released in 2009, the Seaboard became an instant hit, with users including Hans Zimmer, Grimes, Pharrell and RZA and 40. It features a keyboard style layout, but with spongey keys that send signals to software at any part of the key or slider. It means you can play much more expressively, and not just the on-off nature of MIDI keyboards. Each key had its own pitch slide, aftertouch, pitch bend, etc, making the RISE a flexible sound design tool. The RISE 2 was teased earlier this year

According to ROLI’s CEO Roland Lamb: “RISE 2 is easier to play, more durable and a more beautiful, expressive experience than ever before.” The wholly new playing surface was tested with both piano players and ROLI players for a more exact feel, while ROLI has also redesigned the software bundle that comes with the RISE. ROLI’s popular synth Equator2 was also a big part of the redesign of the RISE, with both complementing each other to allow for seamless integration. Equator 2 features over 1,400 presets specifically designed to show off the expressive nature of the RISE 2. ROLI Studio 2 and Ableton Live Lite are also included. 

They’ve also added a dedicated MIDI and USB-C port to the RISE, as well as giving it a platinum blue finish. 

The RISE 2 is available now on pre-order – visit the ROLI website here for more information.