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Works with IOS & Android...

Sennheiser has dropped details on a new pair of headphones that can record 3D audio on to your smartphone.

The new Ambeo Smart Surround headphones were announced last week at the CES show in Las Vegas. The new in-ear headphones come with two in-ear microphones capable of capturing binaural audio as it reaches the ears.

Here’s the geeky bit: Binaural audio recording, creates a 3D sound effect by recording sound with two microphones — it isn’t a new technology but up until now it has been strictly in the Pro user domain.

With the launch of their new headphones, Sennheiser are looking to bring the technology to the general public, so we can all marvel at this unique way of listening to audio.

The in-ear phones can be used on iOS and Android platforms using Apple’s Lightning connector or USB-C to record multiple audio channels on the user’s smartphone. The audio can then be played back through the headphones using an app.

Clubs like Ministry of Sound have already ventured down the 3D sound route with their Dolby Atmos nights, and now potentially everyone will be able to enjoy this unique listening experience in the not too distant future.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.