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Shed announces new album, 'Oderbruch'

It takes its title from the former East German region in which René Pawlowitz grew up

Shed will return to Ostgut Ton for the release of his next album, 'Oderbruch'.

His fifth studio album marks his first full-length release for Ostgut Ton since 2010's 'The Traveller' and takes its name from the former East German region in which the producer, real name René Pawlowitz, grew up and now spends some of his time when not in his base of Berlin. The track's titles take inspiration from the area and its landscapes.

“What binds you to places? To remembering them”, Pawlowitz posits. “Places you can feel, when you feel at home. Places that affirm your very existence. This place for me is the Oderbruch. This album is dedicated to it.”

The album follows on from a number of records released under Pawlowitz' Hoover1 alias this year, as well as a six-track EP under another of his aliases, Head High, which came out in March. 

'Oderbruch' is his first release as Shed since last year's 'No Repress But Warehouse Find EP' which came out through his own The Final Experiment imprint.

Recent releases on Ostgut Ton have come from Steffi & Virginia and Martyn.