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Shygirl shares new club track, ‘Thicc’: Listen

A collaborative joint with Cosha, Karma Kid, and Sega Bodega


Shygirl has shared a new track, 'Thicc'. You can check out the single below. 

The release is a collaborative effort with Cosha, Karma Kid, and Sega Bodega. A high energy, vocal-driven, club-first tune, fans may have already heard it in the artist's sets over recent months. 

“['Thicc'] was originally a song we’d made around the same time as some of the album tracks but I decided to hold this one back,” Shygirl explained. “I’ve enjoyed teasing this one at festivals and shows while still in demo mode for over a year already, with the idea of somehow infusing the energy of the crowd into this final version of the song. ‘Thicc’ is fun and carefree and definitely a tease, all the classic traits of Club Shy." 

The single is the first new music to come from the London-based artist since the deluxe version of her debut solo album dropped. 'Nymph_o' featured names including Arca, Fatima Al Qadiri, Eartheater, Kingdom, Erika de Casier, Sevdaliza, Deto Black and Björk. It landed in March, almost a year after the original 'Nymph', which lists names such as Sega Bodega, Mura Masa, Karma Kid and Cosha on the credits.