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Christian Eede
9 March 2023, 15:04

Smalltown Supersound announces expansive remix anthology featuring Four Tet, DJ Harvey, Loraine James, more

The 40-track set covers remixes put out by the label over the last two decades

Smalltown Supersound announces expansive remix anthology featuring Four Tet, DJ Harvey, Loraine James, more

Smalltown Supersound is releasing a remix anthology compilation. Listen to Lindstrøm 'Faar-i-kaal (Charli XCX vs Twin Idol remix)' below. 

'Remix Anthology Vol. 1​-​4 2002​-​2022' collects 40 remixes put out by the Norwegian label over the last 20 years, with contributions from the likes of Four Tet, Loraine James, DJ Harvey, Oneohtrix Point Never, Charli XCX, Ricardo Villalobos, DJ Python, Actress, Huerco S., Laurel Halo and Parris, among others. Check the full tracklist below. 

The compilation also takes in four previously unreleased remixes by Prins Thomas, Scan 7, Idjut Boys and Einstürzende Neubauten's Alexander Hacke.

"The remixes done for the artists on Smalltown Supersound have in my mind always been done with the idea that it should fit the label's DNA," label founder Joakim Haugland said of the compilation. "That it should be part of the red thread of the label. And that we one day would release the remixes on a compilation, and that the compilation would tell the story of the label and the artists.

"This remix collection has been in the back of my head for the last 20 years, but it's only just now I finally felt that it all came together, as a larger whole."

Smalltown Supersound was launched in 1993 and has put out records by the likes of Todd Terje, Lindstrøm, Kelly Lee Owens, Perila, Prins Thomas and more in the years since.

You can listen to Charli XCX and Twin Idol's collaborative remix of 'Faar-i-kaal' by Lindstrøm below, with the full release due out on 14th April.

In November, Smalltown Supersound released an album by rRoxymore, called 'Perpetual Now', with a Kelly Lee Owens record, 'LP.8', arriving six months earlier.

Vol 1
A collection of abstract, avant, free-form remixes

  1. Jazzkammer – Jkammer Thing (Pita remix)
  2. Neneh Cherry – Spit Three Times (DJ Spinn remix)
  3. Lars Horntveth – Tics (Four Tet remix)
  4. Kelly Lee Owens – Wake Up (Loraine James remix)
  5. Neneh Cherry & The Thing - Accordion (Jim O`Rourke remix)
  6. Bendik Giske - Adjust (Total Freedom remix)
  7. Lindstrøm – Quiet Place To Live (Todd Rundgren remix)
  8. Jazzkammer – Freemix Norwave (Thurston Moore remix)
  9. Tussle - Warning (JD Twitch's Optimo Fuckhead remix)
  10. Lindstrøm – The Contemporary Fix (EYE Remix)
  11. Jazzkammer – Chk Error Remix (Merzbow remix)

Vol 2
A collection of cosmic, ambient, psychedelic remixes

  1. Lindstrøm – Call Me Anytime (Oneohtrix Point Never remix)
  2. Carmen Villain - Borders (Klara Lewis remix)
  3. Prins Thomas - H (The Orb Orbient Mix)
  4. Kelly Lee Owens – Corner of My Sky feat John Cale (Coby Sey remix)
  5. Carmen Villain – Carmen Villain (Actress remix)
  6. Prins Thomas – D (Hieroglyphic Being remix)
  7. Sunburned Hand of the Man - The Parakeet Beat (Bjørn Torske remix)
  8. Todd Rundgren – Anything (vocal outtake, Prins Thomas edit)
  9. Todd Rundgren/Emil Nikolaisen/Hans-Peter Lindstrøm - Lind (Bifrost mix by EYE)
  10. Jazzkammer – Bolomo Vinkingo Lanidelos (Reynols remix)

Vol 3
A collection of disco, balearic, dub remixes

  1. Neneh Cherry - Kong (Parris remix)
  2. Arp – The Past (Studio version)
  3. Bjørn Torske - Night Call (Idjut Boys' green beating version)
  4. Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Lovesick (Four Tet remix)
  5. André Bratten - Pax Americana (Scan 7 remix)
  6. Prins Thomas – Ambitions (Isolée remix)