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South Korean clubs reopening as social distancing is relaxed

Several clubs in Seoul reopened this weekend after being shut for almost two 

A number of clubs in Seoul reopened this weekend as South Korea relaxed its social distancing measures. 

While South Korea extended its social distancing policy until 6th May, new, more relaxed measures for spaces such as clubs, churches and sports venues were introduced on 19th April, as newly reported cases of COVID-19 in the country fell to just eight.

Seoul clubs including Faust, vurt and Modeci opened their doors on Friday, albeit with strict health and safety policies, restricted capacity and guidelines for entry. On Friday 24th April, Faust opened with a “No Mask. No Entry” policy, and on Saturday 25th opened only one part of the club.

The news comes as several parts of the world begin cautious relaxation of lockdown and social distancing measures in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Clubs in certain parts of China have started reopening with social distancing policies, while in Berlin, record stores have started to open their doors again.