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Berlin record stores reopening as lockdown is relaxed

Elevate, Bikini Waxx and Melting Point are among the stores that have reopened their doors

Berlin record stores are opening their doors once again as Germany tentatively relaxes its lockdown measures.

Since Monday morning, shops in Germany smaller than 800 sq m have been given permission to reopen as the country starts to take small steps back to normality in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Popular record stores such as Cinthie’s Elevate, Bikini Waxx and Melting Point are among the stores that are reopening this week, albeit with strict social distancing measures and limited opening times in keeping with the laws put in place by the government. You can see each store’s statement surrounding their opening policies below. 

While this is heartening news to see, it’s a small step in what is likely to be a long process. Clubs, bars and cafés will remain closed for the time being, as chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that people in Germany must remain “disciplined and watchful” as lockdown is eased. She has emphasised that “We must not lose track of the fact that we continue to be at the start of this pandemic and are far from out of the woods”. 

In the UK, initiatives have been set up to support and raise awareness of independent record stores during the pandemic. For instance, an interactive map has been developed to show you what independent record stores are still operating in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and how you can buy from them. Also, 

a campaign, #recordstoreoftheday, has been launched to encourage people to continue supporting their local record stores by ordering online where possible.

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OPEN! We cannot wait to see your happy covered faces and are extremely glad to be back with regular hours (MON - SAT, 13 - 20) and irregular measures. For the safety of our staff and other customers we kindly ask you to: - wear a mask. a simple bandana covering your nose and mouth will do the trick. - wash and sanitize your hands before touching the records. - keep a healthy distance with the staff and customers. We can only accommodate a maximum of 2-3 customers at a time. Please understand if we ask you to wait outside. If you are planning just a pick-up please keep using our drive-in window to avoid unnecessary contacts. Thank you for understanding! This is as awkward for us than it is for you but it is a promising start at least..

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