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Splice adds new subscription plans, video tutorials, plugins and more

The music-making platform looks to expand beyond its sample business

Splice is expanding its subscription plans, adding new custom-built Splice-branded plugins, as well as new video tutorial videos with artists and producers as part of Splice Skills. We already reported last week that Splice has launched Bridge, a plugin that lets users communicate with their DAW directly from the Splice sample browser. That means samples will be previewed in the BPM of your track and the key can be shifted too. You can then drag and drop any files you like into your session. 

Splice has also added a new plugin to their range in the form of Astra, a sample-based plugin based heavily on sequencing and modulation features. It’s got two oscillators, one sub and a noise generator – any oscillator can be used in a analogue, FM, wavetable granular or sampler modes. You and drag and drop certain parameters onto sequencer lanes to keep sounds moving. 

Splice has also launched Splice Skills, with tutorial videos with producers, YouTube and Twitch personalities and experts on music-making tips and techniques, exclusive to subscribers. Finally, Beatmaker is fairly self-explanatory – a browser-based sequencer where you can try out some beat ideas using Splice’s library before you commit to downloading. 

To gain access to the new plug, you’ll need to be a subscriber to either Sounds+, Creator or Creator+ plans. Find out more about the new Splice additions on their blog.