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Stormzy confirms second year of Cambridge scholarship

What a guy... 

Stormzy is continuing his Cambridge University scholarship program, which will fund the degrees of two students starting school this fall.  

The Stormzy Scholarship for Black UK Students will cover both tuition and living costs for two qualified students. The funding will cover a full four years of undergraduate study, for a total of £18,000 available to each student, each academic year. That’s on top of last year’s scholarship recipients, who will still receive funding from Stormzy.

“There are so many young black kids all over the country who have the level of academic excellence to study at a university such as Cambridge – however we are still under-represented at leading universities,” Stormzy said in a statement. 

“We, as a minority, have so many examples of black students who have excelled at every level of education throughout the years. I hope this scholarship serves as a small reminder that if young black students wish to study at one of the best universities in the world, then the opportunity is yours for the taking – and if funding is one of the barriers, then we can work towards breaking that barrier down.”

Head to the Cambridge University website for information on how to apply.