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Stranger Things composers break down theme song production: Listen

It all started with an email...

Stranger Things theme song composers Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon (of Austin, Texas synthwave group S U R V I V E) have seen their careers reach new heights thanks in part to the success of the Netflix franchise.

The duo has now revealed some of the details and technique behind the award-winning composition in an interview with well-known music podcast series, SONG EXPLODER.

“The Duffers reached out to us ‘cause they used our music in a mock trailer,” said Stein on the pair’s relationship with the show’s creators (Matt and Ross Duffer).  

“It was out of the blue... a random email with some cool words in it. Like Netflix, sci-fi or Winona Ryder,” the duo continued.  “Of course we were interested!”

Over the 12-minute discussion, Stein and Dixon also explired the pitch process, the creative flow between the teams, gear selection (including Prophet-5, Mellotron, Roland SH-2, Sequential Circuits Pro-One) and ultimately sequencing the track and sound effects to enhance the title sequence.

The track did earn a creative Emmy this September for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music.

The soundtrack for season two of Stranger Things is available to stream in full. You can continue to play a Stranger Things-inspired synth here.

Listen in full below.