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The Techno Traveller Map is launching its own app

The app will allow you to find the best house and techno clubs around the world

Three years ago, a map aimed to help people find the best clubs in the cities they were travelling to went viral. Now, its creator is developing the idea into an app.

The Techno Travellor Map, as it was originally known, is to become Clubeling, with its creator, Matthieu Rodrigues hoping to offer a "community-based tool" that is "accessible to all", so that people can answer the question of what nighttime venues they'd be best off spending their time at while on their travels.

The app's guiding principle, a statement accompanying its announcement says, is to "share clubs that mainly play house and techno music". 

Clubeling will launch initially as a private beta available to 500 users. The team behind it is hoping to gain opinions and suggestions from its early users, and people are also encouraged to suggest their favourite clubs if they're missing from the app.

You can find out more information and sign up to be one of those first 500 users here.