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There will be an “enormous” Victorian pier at Glastonbury this year

The structure will stretch 60-metres... 

There will be an “enormous” Victorian pier at Glastonbury this year, according to founder Michael Eavis. 

Speaking at the launch of 'Stories From The Wasteland', an new exhibition by Joe Rush, the London artist whose work has been a cornerstone of the festival since the 1980s, Eavis outlined plans for a Glastonbury-on-Sea. 

The 60-metre structure will be the latest addition to the UK's biggest outdoor gathering, adding another reason to get exited about this year's instalment. Not that headliners like Diplo, The Chemical Brothers, Stormzy, Little Simz and The Streets weren't already enough. 

This news comes after organiser Emily Eavis announced a radical overhaul for this summer. Plans include an expanded Block9, Glastonbury's dance hub, which will double in size. Check out these 25 photos that show how incredible that area already was.