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Brian Coney
5 August 2022, 15:58

There’s a skydiving techno festival happening this month

Skyfest attendees can skydive "just a few dozen yards away from the dancefloor"


A skydiving techno festival, Skyfest, is set to take place in California later this month.

Taking place in San Diego on Saturday 27th August, Skyfest is a music and arts festival where attendees are able to skydive during the event. With a capacity of 200, this year's festival will offer every raver the chance to try-out skydiving "just a few dozen yards away from the dancefloor," according to organisers.

With organisers also promising "production and music by top house and techno DJs" over 12 hours, partial proceeds from the event will go to Casa De Los Pobres, a non-profit urban relief centre in Tijuana, Mexico that feeds, clothes, and provides medical care and social services for those in need.

Skyfest originated when skydiver and co-founder Zach Papier met fellow co-founder Richardo Haynes, aka DJ Sunset. In 2020, Skyfest was launched, featuring 100 attendees tandem skydiving to a 10-hour soundtrack of house and techno.

Check out the line-up for Skyfest below. Go here for more information and to buy tickets.