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These photos of 90s raves prove it was the best decade for dance music hedonism: Pictures

Back to the 90s...

Whilst dance music is becoming more and more colourful thanks to elrow and the like, there’s something about the early days of rave in the 90s that was really magical.

All That Is Interesting blog has uncovered a treasure trove of long-forgotten rave photos from the 90s which is proof that it was the ultimate decade for dance music headonism.

From sucking on pacifiers to gothic face paint and everything in between, raving in the 90s was quite unlike anything we get with today’s heavily stage-managed clubs and festivals.

The makeshift dancefloors of the early 90s rave scene were a sea of fashion faux pas, deranged masks and plastic accessories and look more like fancy dress parties than illegal raves.

If you were too young to experience the 90s rave scene, or have simply forgotten them after one too many sesh's, check out some of our favourites from the collection below, which were taken in America, Europe and China believe it or not.

Head here to see the full collection.

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