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The mysterious ‘Traumprinz 06’ release was drip-fed into record stores over the weekend...

Traumprinz has returned with his first material under the moniker since 2014, drip-feeding ‘Traumprinz 06’ into select record stores over the weekend. It lands via the Giegling-associated Traumprinz label.

The mysterious EP has only been available offline so far as it hasn’t hit Giegling’s shop yet. Discogs users stated it was available at Hard Wax in Berlin, whilst an Instagram user posted a picture of the release at Rush Hour in Amsterdam.

The new release is made up of four tracks, each mixed by an unknown artist called Kasha, a name mentioned on a live Traumprinz recording from two years ago alongside his other alias’s, DJ Metatron and Prince Of Denmark.

Traumprinz has been busy releasing under his DJ Metatron moniker since 2014, but returns to the eponymous Giegling-associated label for ‘Traumprinz 06’.

No set date has been announced for the full release of ‘Traumprinz 06’, but you can see the full tracklist below.

‘Traumprinz 06’ tracklist:

A1. ‘Good Vibrations (Kasha's Main Vocal Mix)’
A2. ‘Good Vibrations (Kasha's Instrumental Mix)’
B1. ‘N.Y. Diva Has Been Set On Fire (Kasha's Short Vocal Mix)’
B2. ‘Set Your - Dyin' (Kasha's Bad Romance Short Mix)’

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