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UK government backs new laws to protect music venues from noise complaints

Finally some good news for venue owners...

The UK government has thrown its support behind a proposal that would safeguard music venues and nightclubs from property developers who decide to build near them.

The proposal would see property developers foot the bill for soundproofing venues and clubs when they decide to build near them, rather than the owners.

Speaking about the new proposal, Housing Secretary Sajid Javid said: "I have always thought it unfair that the burden is on long-standing music venues to solve noise issues when property developers choose to build nearby.

“I am pleased to finally have an opportunity to right this wrong and also give more peace of mind to new residents moving into local properties."

Moving forward, a change to the National Planning Policy Framework would need to reflect the proposed Agent Of Change safeguards for the law to come into effect.

The new rules will be discussed in the spring before the potential new safeguards can be written into law — but with support from London’s Major and now the UK government as a whole, it would seem a nationwide scheme is now looking even more likely.

Previously, the idea was being considered for just London thanks to Sadiq Khan’s continued support for London’s night time economy — but it now seems likely the provision could be rolled out across the entire of the UK, which will be music to the ears of venue and nightclub owners, who’ve often had to foot the bill when property developers begin to build around existing venues.