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Underground house and techno history to be celebrated in four new films screening next weekend

The collaborative project between Frieze and Gucci include documentaries on acid house and Italo-disco...

The history of underground house and techno will be celebrated across four films screening next weekend, at new audio-visual gallery The Store X in Berlin.

A collaboration between Frieze and Gucci, 'The Second Summer Of Love', will present films celebrating the cultural impact of that seminal moment in dance music history, 30 years on.

The first film, Wu Tsang's 'Into The Space Of Love' is "a magical realist documentary that explores the legacies of house music rooted in New York underground culture."

The second, Jeremy Deller's 'Everybody In The Place', chronicles the rise of acid house and the socio-economic context which nurtured its creation.

Josh Blaaberg's 'Distant Planet' diarises the story of three Italo-disco artists, as well as epxloring the genre's unfulfilled potential.

Lastly Jenn Nkiru's 'Black To Techno' examines techno's, particularly Detroit techno's, inherent relationship with black identity.

The films are screening Friday 24th - Sunday 26th April, and are free to the public.

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