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Brian Coney
28 November 2022, 12:20

Waajeed releases new album, ‘Memoirs of Hi​-​Tech Jazz’, on Tresor Records: Listen

It's timed exactly to march the duration of a significant journey in his native Detroit

Waajeed releases new album, ‘Memoirs of Hi​-​Tech Jazz’, on Tresor Records: Listen

Waajeed has dropped a new album, ‘Memoirs of Hi​-​Tech Jazz’, on Tresor Records. Stream it below.

The Detroit-born-and-raised producer and musician released the 22-track album via the legendary Berlin techno imprint on 25th November. According to his Bandcamp page, the release is "inspired revolutionary efforts against oppressive hegemonies in Detroit."

A conceptual release, ‘Memoirs of Hi​-​Tech Jazz’ is timed exactly to match the duration of a round trip drive from Underground Music Academy in the North End - which was co-founded by Waajeed - to Detroit’s island park, Belle Isle.

"The album is undoubtedly best experienced in while driving," continued the statement on Bandcamp. "That journey signifies the transition from labor to pleasure: from the neighborhood of the Techno Museum in North End to an outdoor park that has long been a destination for Black Detroiters to cookout, park their boats, play spades, and listen to local music."

As well as being one-half of the hip-hop group Platinum Pied Pipers, and a founding member of Tiny Hearts, Waajeed formed the Bling47 record label in 2002, which has released projects by the likes of J Dilla, Waajeed himself, and others.

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