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The new Korg Gadget comes with a Sega MegaDrive sampler

Version three of Korg's user-friendly music-making software adds the new instruments…

Korg have teamed up with Sega to add authentic samples and drum sounds from their classic Sega MegaDrive to their music-making software Gadget. Available on the Nintendo Switch, but also on iOS and desktop platforms, Korg Gadget is a simple music-making software designed for ease of use and is made up of 'Gadgets' that recreate everything from classic synths and samplers to genres and styles of music. 

Korg have now added both a Sega MegaDrive – or Genesis, as it was known in the US – gadget that re-creates classic sounds from the console with a fun and recognisable GUI. You can switch cartridges to load sounds from games like Out Run, Afterburner and Golden Axe. 

There's also a new TAITO arcade emulator gadget to re-create the sound of an ’80s arcade – expect a slightly more chiptune sound, with games including Ninja Warriors and Night Strike. Find out more about the new update here and find out why this £200 Korg synth is one of Catz n Dogz faves