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The closure also followes an alleged rape claim...

Shapes, the well-known warehouse club in Hackney Wick, closed its doors over weekend after accusing Hackney Council of pursuing an "agenda against live music venues". The closure also follows an alleged rape claim at the nightspot during a private party in March.

According to the Hackney Gazette, club owner Seb Glover surrendered his licence 24 hours before a town hall meeting where councillors were set to review it. However, in a statement released by Shapes, they rejected any claims that the closure is connected to the alleged attack.

It said: “The alleged incident and our closing are two distinctively separate matters, and to group them together is little more than a cynical attempt to distract from the reality of Hackney's ongoing social agenda against live music venues.” The statement continued by saying the council “has made it clear that music venues are no longer suitable for the area, and as such we are being forced to close our doors".

Just earlier this week, a police report stated that Shapes failed to assist in the rape investigation by not providing CCTV footage.

The police report also states that the alleged victim and the attacker had both taken MDMA and the only way the woman could stop the attack was by claiming she needed the toilet. After the woman had reported the incident to the police, licensing officer Sergeant Guy Hicks called for a review, though he said the venue had failed to assist in an investigation.

The club announced yesterday that they in fact sent CCTV footage to the police following the incident, but they failed to view it by 9th of June, seven weeks after it was handed over. 

The club hosted a party at the Hackney Wick Festival to celebrate its closure.