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Brian Coney
19 July 2023, 12:19

DJ steals police van keys and throws them in bush during illegal rave raid in Wiltshire

36-year old Thomas Cope later returned to the scene with a metal detector


A DJ has stolen van keys belonging to police and thrown them in a bush during an illegal rave raid in Wiltshire.

According to a news report by Salisbury Journal, 36-year-old Thomas Cope from Hungerford stole the keys from a police van after police dismantled his DJ equipment during an illegal rave in the village of Enford on Saturday, 10th June. 30 people were in attendance.

On Friday, 14th July, Thomas Cope pleaded guilty to one count of theft at Salisbury Magistrates Court. According to the court hearing, Cope had "too much to drink," was "angry" when police began dismantling his DJ equipment and ultimately retaliated. The report stated that Cope "took the keys out of a police vehicle and threw them into a nearby grass area." 

Despite a regretful Cope returning to the area to search for the key - and later with a metal detector - the police force had to buy a replacement. At the court hearing, the DJ was ordered to pay £100 compensation to Wiltshire Constabulary.

Last year, thousands of people travelled all over the UK for an illegal rave in an old airfield that lasted three days. Also in 2022, a man on a solo camping trip on the Yorkshire Moors revealed how he had an "unbelievable weekend" after accidentally joining an illegal rave.

At the start of this year, over 5,000 people recently attended a six-day illegal rave outside a small Spanish village.

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