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If you hadn’t yet made the connection between Obey Clothing and American street art graphic designer Shepard Fairey, now’s the time to wise up! His groundbreaking art, famously the Obey (Andre the) Giant, has touched and inspired us since the beginning of the '90s.

The iconic ‘Hope’ and Obama image should jog your memory; although his illustrations reach far beyond politics. Stay tuned to for print releases that tend to sell out in nano seconds. And every once a year or so he’ll also do a massive exhibition in the UK.

As for the clothing side of things, Fairey’s collections are made up of easy on the eye t-shirts, sweat tops, hoods, pants and jackets. His trademark baseball and snapback caps stand out; and occasionally he’ll throw in a cushion cover. ‘All in the name of fun and observation’ — Shepard Fairey.