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Pioneer tease DJs with all-new prototype turntable

Well it looks like we’ve gone full circle in the DJ Tech market, every man and his dog now appear to be looking at delivering a turntable to the masses of DJs who haven’t given up on this standard for music delivery. At the recent Frankfurt MusikMesse, there were a few companies that had turntables on show at their stands, however one company Pioneer really got hearts pumping with a turntable product that was on display for the world to see, albeit behind a strategically placed glass enclosure… 

There is no secret that Pioneer have looked heavily to the legendary Technics 1200 in the design of this prototype turntable. It looks exactly like the once king of the DJ booth albeit with Pioneer livery splashed all over it. The design cues are similar (if not the same) but if its not broke why fix it? However there are a few subtle differences especially at the back of the unit. Pioneer are keeping schtum as to what will be on the finished version if it ever see’s the light of day but as with all good rumours their probably will be some sort of USB connection enabling direct connection to computers and DDJ software, but we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing for sure, if the Pioneer turntable does ever make it to the market place we suspect there will be a lot of happy faces out there in DJ land and Pioneer's domination of the DJ Booth will be complete

We’ll bring you more on this as the story develops