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JME, Nissi, Pa Salieu, and Lethal Bizzle all appear in the credits

BackRoad Gee has dropped his debut mixtape, 'Reporting Live (From The Back of the Roads)'. Stream it below. 

It's the London artist's first new full-length...

Nixwax returns to Plan B to celebrate 6th vinyl release

Formed in 2011 to focus more on timeless dance music than passing flash-in-the-pan fads, Nixwax takes inspiration from the various avenues – disco, techno, house – currently explored within UK bass music today.

Fresh vinyl-only techno imprint

Who's behind it?

Nixwax was started in the summer of 2011 by three friends, Rob Amboule, Alec Function and Hunter Giles, who have been making music together since they were nippers. Looking at all the unreleased music they'd unearthed, they decided they'd make a go of running a label.

Hundreds sign to say why they want Brazilian DJs at the World Cup

Hundreds of Brazilian dance music fans have been signing the DJ Mag petition to get some dance music DJs playing at the World Cup.


Roland’s 909 drum machine is responsible for the rhythm of house and techno, and countless classics of dance and pop. Exactly 35 years after its...

If there’s one instrument that faithfully captures the true spirit and essence of electronic music, it’s the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer: a machine that has...

The best sessions in Great Britain this month

These are the Top 30 UK club events in September 2017, with highlights abound. Not least in London, with two foreign crews in town you...