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Vital Label

Our label of the month

Who's behind it?
The label was founded by Kazim Kazim Kazim and Andy Lemay. “One golden, one brown. One big mouth, one with loads of...

This months vital label

"The label sounds like the beginning, middle and end of a great night out,” says Luke Harris. “The five of us are all into different stuff, and our output reflects that; be it the hard-edged, rave-channelling sounds of Elson David, the deep, lustrous electronics of Fybe:one or the vast, pulverised pop of Warsnare.Our aim is to sidestep trends and put out records that'll still sound as fresh and inventive in five years as they did on release. It's a tall order.

Septembers most vital label

Who’s behind it?
Jack Dixon, Adam Butters and Sonny Baker, who “met auditioning for a Simply Red tribute act in 1993,” says Dixon, perhaps embellishing...

One of Germany's finest independent labels

August's edition of vital label

Fresh vinyl-only techno imprint

Who's behind it?

Nixwax was started in the summer of 2011 by three friends, Rob Amboule, Alec Function and Hunter Giles, who have been making music together since they were nippers. Looking at all the unreleased music they'd unearthed, they decided they'd make a go of running a label.

This month's essential label

Who's behind it?
German techno DJ/producer Oliver Huntemann's label is Ideal Audio. Over to Oliver to take up the story. 
“The label’s first release was...

This months most vital label

Kitsuné is the Japanese word for fox

This month's vital label

After launching in 2005, BNR first made its name championing the noisy electro sounds that were in vogue at the time — principally tracks that would fit into a Boys Noize DJ set. Since then, they've broadened their output to encompass most variants on 4/4 electronic music.

Matthias Tanzmann and label manager Daniel Faulwasser pick their favourite Moon Harbour releases...

After 17 carefully curated years, where the focus has been on quality over quantity, Matthias Tanzmann's Moon Harbour Recordings has reached it's 100th release! 


The 'buy on sight' labels you need in your life!

Lost Language showcase old school trance sounds, and strictly no trouse!

DJ Mag finds out a little more about 'Moda Black'

Who's behind it?
Good pals Jaymo and Andy George met in 2008, quickly establishing some riotous party nights and setting up their own label, before...

EPM Music give us the low down in this month's vital label

Who’s behind it?
Jonas Stone and Oliver Way, aka Mr O from the Detroit Grand Pubahs. EPM as a label was started in January 2011...

Belgium's techno heart

Token Records began in 2007, the brainchild of Belgian DJ/producer Kr!z. Kr!z is the resident DJ at the legendary Kozzmozz parties in Ghent — the Belgian town that's been so crucial to the longevity of techno in Europe over the last 20 years or so. It's been notable for putting out a lot of quality techno vinyl over the past few years.

Future-thinking post-dubstep stable

This months vital label

This month's most vital label

Who’s behind it?
Peter Gyselaers, aka Break 3000 and part of the Dirt Crew, is the dude currently running the label. “In 2004 we started...