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The ups and downs of technological advancements for DJs and producers...

The last decade has yielded some extraordinary innovations in dance and DJ culture. Below, we count down some of the most significant technological tools to have emerged in this time, and ask, are they good, bad, or a bit of both?


New Traktor Update
New Traktor Update

The German company have also doubled their Traktor team…

Vote so your favourite kit makes the cut!

Welcoming the SC5000 media player, Engine Prime music management system, X1800 mixer and the VL12 turntable...

Interviewed by DJ/collaborator Kryoman…

Here’s the best tech of 2016, as demo’d at the DJ Mag Tech Awards last month... 


This is what it is all about, top end gear for the ultimate club DJ experience. These decks can play music from any source – Vinyl, CD, Digital and beyond.

The industry standard CDJ-2000 and DJM-900 decks and Mixer get an upgrade!

DJ Mag Tech Awards
DJ Mag Tech Awards

Top flight DJ toys offering professional performance for today’s superstar DJs

Pioneer have joined up two decks and a mixer to create the ultimate all-in-one media player...