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31: Coleco

Dance music community rebuilds Japan together

30: Subeena

28: Crazy Larry

Over the years, has anything offered more sun-drenched hedonism than the Miami party season? Judging by the amount of bikini-ridden, buff-tan parties squeezed into Miami’s clubs, swimming pools, hotels, boats and yachts in the space of a week throughout the Winter Music Conference’s 25-year lifetime, we think not…
This year, however — because of a change in the WMC schedule — the focus of the season is now spread over most of March. Now, with the conference taking place between 8th-12th and Ultra Music Festival between 25th- 27th, the party season is even longer with the majority of parties happening around the latter part of the month. So, grab your shades, slap on the lotion and slip on your ‘I’m in Miami Bitch’ vest, because these are the parties that you simply cannot miss if you so happen to, like us, find yourself kicking around the sunnier climes of South Beach this month. Purchase a calendar (star-stripped bikinis and baby-oil tans optional) and get marking…

@ The Roundhouse, 26th February

The focused monthly musical experience is back

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Inspirations podcast celebrates April release of '21'

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