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hard drum

Shadow Demon Coalition to celebrate ten year anniversary at Air Birmingham on Saturday

Funkineven talks with DJmag.com about creating 'Rolands Jam'

For 20 years, DJmag has been in amongst it, at the vanguard of dance and electronic music culture, commentating, conversing and partying within the scene that we live and breathe.
But flashback to the start — how did it all begin? What was it like to be there? How did DJmag grow into the entity it is today?
We’re gonna go back, way back, into the mists of time, as we celebrate 20 years of DJ Magazine…

Watch new music video for ‘Frozen’ here.

The aftermath

Akai’s aggressively-priced mini laptop controller aims to do it all on the cheap. But can it compete with Korg?

Following the massive 'Mr Spock', Dirtybird's Justin Martin finally gets the props he deserves...

Can Pioneer’s DJM-2000 stake its claim to the throne as the ultimate DJ club mixer? DJmag puts it to the test…

The Digital Age - Music comes first at Newcastle’s premier venue

Chip With Everything! - The Hot ones kept the live stage sizzling in 2010