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CTM festival

Berlin Senate scraps controversial “anti-discrimination clause” for arts funding amid protests

Cultural institutions seeking public grants will not have to follow the requirement seen as a "restriction on the freedom of art"

The Berlin Senate is dropping the controversial "anti-discrimination clause" for cultural grant recipients following pushback from artists around the world. The Senate Department of Culture...

Press shots of Jyoty, Manuka Honey and Kampire on a grey-blue background

Jyoty, Manuka Honey, Kampire and Scratcha DVA are among the DJs who have withdrawn from the line-up

Several artists and DJs have withdrawn from Berlin's forthcoming CTM Festival in support of the Strike Germany movement. The news of DJs Jyoty and Manuka...

Tzusing announces new album, ‘绿帽 Green Hat’, on PAN, shares track: Listen

Listen to '孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)' now

Tzusing will release his new album, ‘绿帽 Green Hat’, on 31st March via PAN. You can hear the first track, '孝忍狠 (Filial Endure Ruthless)', below...

Berlin's CTM festival announces first names for 2023 event

Courtesy, LSDXOXO and Tzusing are among the artists on the bill

Berlin's CTM Festival has revealed the first wave of acts playing its 2023 edition in January. Taking place across a number of venues in the...

From: Bali, Indonesia 

For fans of: 33EMYBW, Hyph11e, Meuko! Meuko!

Three tunes: ‘Sangkakala III’, ‘Kon’, ‘Dosa Besar’

At last year’s edition of CTM Festival, Ican Haram, the MC and hype man of Gabber Modus Operandi, was violently sick upon entering the stage...

Yves Tumor, Tirzah, Lotic, Colin Self, Gazelle Twin and many more are locked to play...