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Sample pack

“Sampled with all the buzz, digital artefacts and xtreme noisefloor to add that magic dust to your tracks”

Legowelt is giving away another free sample pack, this time called Legowelt Drum Wizardry Sample Pack. It’s a collection of 325+ drum sounds from equipment...

Samples lifted from the catalogue of infamous Dutch gabber and hardcore party Thunderdome...

Producer Hannibal Flynt has made a 20GB gabber sample pack free to download, lifted from the extensive catalogue of Infamous Dutch gabber and hardcore party...

New MK Sample Pack available for free on Converse Rubber Tracks Website

Mount Kimbie have just created a rather interesting sample pack in conjunction with those original innovators of rather cool plimsolls Converse

Cr2 are launching a new membership service for DJs and Producers

Record Label and Sample Pack providers CR2 have just launched a new membership service for DJs and Producers who want to jump on board the CR2 sample pack train

Get ready for dance floor devastation with Cr2's EDM Festival Kicks & Drops New Sample Tools

World-renowned Cr2 Records are taking the plunge into the uber popular sample library arena with the release of a new sample pack entitled EDM Festival Kicks & Drops

New sample packs for Maschine & Ableton Live

Niche Audio from Loopmasters is the new sample label specializing in authentic boutique processed sample kits for Maschine and Ableton Live

Full on track-creation pack!

Sample Magic’s 101 series basically gives producers 101 samples that they can use within their productions. 'Live Hats Vol 1' serves up 101 live hi-hat loops expertly recorded and precision-cut to add irresistible funk and groove to your beats and productions — regardless of the genre.