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Behringer announce new polyphonic Minimoog clone

Yet another clone from the German giants

Behringer have announced the Poly D, a four-voice version their Minimoog clone. The new synth can still be used in monophonic mode, but now features an extra three voices for playing chords as well as unison mode to stack the voices. Extra feature on top of the usual envelopes, LFO and 24dB ladder filter include a new analogue chorus effect modelled on the classic Juno sound, a 32-step sequencer and arpeggiator.

There's also now four oscillators with one, two and three offering multiple wave options including triangular; triangular/saw; saw; square; wide pulse; and narrow pulse and each osc offers a six-octave range. This time, there's no word on price or availability but expect the usual Behringer budget price tag. Watch the video below for more. Behringer have been busy, alongside their various clones, they recently announced a new mixer WING