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Cloudbounce launch the world’s most advanced online mastering service

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Cloudbounce is a new online mastering service that aims to offer the “world’s most advanced, AI-Driven, Cloud based Mastering Engine”.

Online mastering has been a hot topic of debate recently, some swearing by it, whilst others not convinced that it can replace the skilled ears and techniques of a qualified mastering technician.

CloudBounce claim that their 2.0 mastering engine is the most advanced system currently out there, using AI and machine learning to analyse and identify the subtle differences between music genres.

Cloudbounce also has a flexible payment option, where producers can either pay as they go at £3.99 per track, £24.00 for unlimited monthly or £160 yearly subscription plans. All come with a CloudBounce player page which can be shared between fans, labels or clients, as well as lifetime Cloud backup.

Cloudbounce are currently offering three free mastering sessions to anyone who signs up to try out their new service and mastering engine.

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Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.