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Get Link involved in the mix with your Android Devices...

Mixvibes have long been championing its software on Android devices, unlike many of their competitors who only focus on the iOS platform. This is a welcomed partnership — it offers Android users professional quality DJing software that iOS users are already accustom too. 

Mixvibes have updated their Cross DJ and Remixlive applications to utilise Ableton’s Link protocol. In fact, it is the first Ableton Link integration on Android, meaning that Android users can now have the benefits of linking their software and equipment together to play in perfect time with this great new initiative from Ableton.

Now, Mixvibes have gone one better by building on their fifteen years of experience in audio apps, and have added their own latency compensation feature, allowing the best user experience possible on Android with Ableton Link.

The new update brings Ableton Link integration for Android and Mac/PC. With the technology now rolled out across all Mixvibes' products, so DJs can play together regardless of what OS or device they are using.

A few other new features across the board bring additional function to the software including Cross Mac now has Syphon integration, providing endless video mixing possibilities. Whilst Cross DJ Mac/PC now comes with additional support for Pioneer DDJ-SB 2 and Reloop Mixtour Controllers.

Remixlive Mac/PC gains three new features (Autopilot, All-stop, MIDI recording) and new mappings for Novation Launchpad MK2, Akai APC Mini, Livid Instruments Base 2 MIDI controllers.