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Declan McGlynn
20 March 2024, 16:45

Multiple Mixcloud profiles can now collaborate on uploads

Host Tagging lets users tag and share mixes to multiple feeds


Mixcloud has added a new feature for Mixcloud Pro subscribers that allows radio shows, labels, magazines, and any other profiles who regularly post mixes to collaborate on uploads by adding hosts.

Similar to Instagram's collab feature, once the tag is accepted, the mix will appear on both profiles, reducing the need for uploading the same mix multiple times, to multiple profiles, and splitting plays and comments.

The new feature will be particularly popular for radio stations and their hosts, who often rely on the stations’ Mixcloud profile to share their shows, which may feature hundreds of shows a month. Now, a new hosts tab can allow fans to quickly find their favourite shows, either on the station’s own Mixcloud profile or on the individual host DJ’s profile, with the same plays and comments.

“Tens of thousands of radio communities have built a home on Mixcloud over the years,” said Mixcloud co-founder and CTO Mat Clayton. “Now we want to make it easier for stations and curators to connect on a deeper level with the DJs who make what they do possible, and get much more out of Mixcloud.”

Host Tagging can be retroactively implemented, so existing radio shows can tag the host to share the mixes across both profiles. Find out more about Host Tagging on Mixcloud here.

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