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Declan McGlynn
23 March 2022, 11:02

Pioneer DJ launch new powerful, lightweight DJ headphones

The HDJ-CX are a new lightweight, over-ear can

pioneer hdj-cx

Pioneer DJ has launched a new pair of DJ headphones – the HDJ-CX. Designed to be super lightweight, but also a tight, controlled sound that Pioneer DJ say is suitable across a wide range of genres. While they’re lightweight, Pioneer DJ also say the new cans are flexible and robust, including a steel core in the headband. Pioneer DJ say the headphones have passed the “US Military Standard MIL-STD-810H Shock test”. We’re not sure what that is but it sounds impressive. 

Sound-wise, Pioneer DJ say the “mids and highs are clear and precise while lows are fat and powerful” while bass reflex chambers allow the low end to reproduced as accurately and as tightly as possible, making sure you can hear your bass even in the loudest of environments. 

The cables and earpads are also replaceable to make sure they last longer on the road. It's hard not to see the similarities between the new HDJ-CXs and the ever-present Sennheiser HD-25s, which is probably no bad thing for Pioneer DJ, given the success of the 25s. 

The HDJ-CXs are priced at £120 and are available now. Find out more on their website here