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April Clare Welsh
23 February 2023, 15:53

Pioneer DJ teases new 4-channel hardware

"Out of this world, landing soon. 28.02.23"


Pioneer DJ have teased a new piece of 4-channel hardware.

A cryptic photo was posted to the brand's Instagram on Tuesday (21st February) that shows a piece of hardware with what appears to be four volume faders, knobs and cue buttons plus the hint of a backlit jog wheel. The post ends with the text "Out of this world, landing soon. 28.02.23".

Back in January 2022, Pioneer posted a video to Instagram of what looked like a new controller, with performance pads, knobs, faders and what looks like a full-colour screen showing a waveform. The video ended with the text "Get Ready for the Revolution". 

As yet no other official details are known ahead of the forthcoming announce on 28th January. Rumours have also been flying around on Reddit that Pioneer are allegedly working on a new mixer called the DJM-900Plus or the DJM-A9. One user wrote a post titled "DJM-A9. The next generation of DJM?" (Pioneer's professional line of DJ mixers).

In November 2021, Pioneer DJ announced a new two-channel all-in-one DJ unit called the XDJ-RX3.

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