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Declan McGlynn
2 July 2024, 11:30

Splice now lets you add your own sounds to its Create engine

Their AI-powered loop generator now has custom uploads

splice create

Splice has added custom sample uploads to its AI-powered Create engine.

The Create feature uses machine learning to scan through Splice’s catalogue of millions of sounds to find other loops that match the tone, timbre and ‘vibe’ of the different loops in the Stack. Users can quickly cycle out loops they don’t like, Mute, Solo and adjust volume to get an idea down without scrolling through thousands of samples. Once you are happy with your Stack, you can export it to your DAW or download the samples. Splice automatically pitch shifts and stretches the BPM of each sample so that each loop never goes out of time or key. 

The new feature also lets you upload your own samples to the Create feature meaning that once you’ve got an idea rolling in your DAW of choice, you can then upload it and each sample from the Splice library will be chosen in the context of your own loop. You can then quickly find new loops from Splice’s catalogue that work with your new custom idea. 

The new feature is live now and is currently in beta so expect some unpredictable results. Find out more on the Splice website here or watch the video below.