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Spotify’s Super Premium subscription details leak

The new tier includes lossless audio, 30 hours of audiobooks and advanced playlist filtering

Spotify Premium tier

Details of Spotify’s upcoming high-end subscription tier, called Super Premium, have leaked. According to details posted on Reddit, the long-rumoured hi-fi tier will feature a range of new, exclusive features including 24-bit lossless audio, 30 hours of audiobook listening, the ability to create playlists with AI using text prompts, the ability to organise your library by mood, genre and activity, and the added functionality of being able to customise the order of playlists by bpm and “danceability”.

You’ll also be able to set cue points where you want Spotify to fade the track in and out, and there’ll be a “smart order” you can organise your playlists by, automatically creating the most suitable sequence of tracks based on key and tempo.

According to the Reddit post, which you can read in full here, Spotify Super Premium will be priced at $19.99 per month, with options for families and duos, much like the existing Premium tier.

It’s long been rumoured that Spotify would be launching a lossless tier — we first covered it in 2021 — but rumours that it was delayed indefinitely led some to think it would never arrive. Spotify’s additions of features like cue points and filtering by “danceability” follow on from their launch of Spotify DJ, an AI-powered radio-style voice and track selection feature, which launched in May this year.

A launch date for Spotify Super Premium is still to be confirmed.