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Shure release portable MOTIV MV88 iOS Microphone for field recordings

Get professional recordings on the go...

Audio brand Shure have released the MOTIV MV88, a user-friendly microphone that is ideal for field recordings or production recording sessions.

The MOTIV MV88 is a digital stereo condenser microphone for iPhone, iPod and iPad, providing top audio quality recording for any iOS devices with a Lighting Connector.

The MV88 also offers a whole set of real time recording functions via the supporting Shure Plus MOTIV app.

The app enables high quality 24bit/48kHz recording and control of the mic settings with your iOS devices, and is free to download.

Users can take advantage of preloaded DSP settings for spoken word, sung vocals, acoustic instruments, loud environments or just take a flat recording. These presets makes light work of capturing recordings on the fly. 

The mic itself comes in an protective eggshell carry case and a removable pop-shield for recording outdoors. 

The MV88 is adjustable with a 90-degree hinge for accurate directional recording with a mid-style design for a clear stereo sound.

In use, the results are pretty damn amazing. The mic pick-up is very good and the detail of the recordings of the standard you would expect from a much higher price unit.

Testament to how good the results are with the MV88 mic, Shure enlisted the services of Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Paul White (R&S Records) to record sounds to create a song using just this microphone alone - check them out below.

Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.