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But don't get your hopes up of owning one with a £2799 price tag...

Technics take the piss with the new 1200G turntable.

DJs undoubtedly were the bunch that were instrumental in making the Technics 1200 the legend that it is today, so it comes as a slap in the face to DJs new and old who want to get in on a piece of the 1200 action and be part of this phenomenon as to the asking price that they have place on the new turntable. A staggering cost of £2,799 per deck!!!! Putting the new re-visioned turntable out of the reach of most DJs, the price being in fact the same as the limited edition version that went on sale in Japan back in April.

Technics in a gesture of goodwill have stated that if enough people want the new 1200, they might - and that's a big might! -release a more affordable version... Thanks!!!