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Love Hulten's Voxarray 61 is the swoon-worthy synth worth saving up for


The Voxarray 61 modular synth from Swedish design house, Love Hulten, a swoon-worthy piece of kit well worth saving up for. 

Featuring a cream coloured paint job, orange knobs and dials with an oscillator-style display showing the audio waveform, it looks like something straight out of retro TV series, Space 1999.

Inspired by (and a tribute to) the iconic synthesisers from the '70s, this 61 key modular synthesiser comes fully-packed with an array of analog and digital audio modules, including Meeblip Anode monophonic synthesizer, PianoBox Mini MIDI module, and TC Electronic Ditto Looper that are stored in the top lid section of the synth. The semi-weighted keyboard is also fully MIDI enabled so can be easily connected to your existing set-up.

External audio can be patched through the instrument and there is a cool-looking detachable mic that just adds to the overall vibe of the synth.

Each synth is custom built and price is on application.

Check Love Hulten's Voxarray 61 in action below.


Mick Wilson is DJ Mag’s Tech Editor. Follow him on Twitter here.