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Point Blank Shows How to Sync Ableton Live with Modular Synths Using MIDI to CV Conversion


Being creative with your DJ sets is a great way to stand out from the crowd and become more immersed in your performances. That’s why, for this video, Point Blank caught up with their Los Angeles instructor MECHA to showcase some creative ways you can incorporate MIDI and modular into your Ableton Live sets using CV.

Mikhail Arce-Ignacio aka MECHA first formed his fascination with live performance playing percussive and stringed instruments in bands. This expanded into an obsession with synthesizers, grooveboxes and DJ equipment and culminated when he discovered he could connect and blend all these elements within Ableton Live. As a Certified Ableton Live trainer, he has taught music production across the globe, offering Ableton courses in Sound Design, Production, Mixing, Mastering, and Live Performance.

If you’d like to learn the ins and outs of live performance in Ableton with MECHA, be sure to check out Point Blank’s courses in Los Angeles. Plus, they’re currently offering 25% off to those who enrol in LA before 28th September using the code LA25.

Equipped with an Ableton Push, Ableton Live 10 and a Voltage Block, MECHA pulls back the curtain on his live setup showing how to simply combine software and hardware into a live environment. He begins by overlaying arpeggiators demonstrating how you can control a number of different devices using the same set of MIDI notes. He follows up by exploring different launch modes within the clip view and how triggering clips can provide a more hands-on approach when applying drums to your synths. Lastly, the LA-based DJ and producer drops some knowledge on using CV (Control Voltage)/Gate within Ableton so you can maintain a fluid and dynamic performance using modular hardware.