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Behringer enter Eurorack market with new sub-$100 modules

Founder Uli Behringer took to Gearslutz again to announce the new products…

Behringer have entered the Eurorack market with new budget modules they hope to sell for less than $100. The previewed modules look a lot like Roland’s classic System-100 units, with an LFO, VCO/VCA/VCF and Envelope units teased via renders. Behringer have been very busy over the past 18 months, announcing and previewing a host of analogue hardware, with the Minimoog Model D clone the only one that’s made it to market so far.

With no price or availability info, it’s unclear when or if the Eurorack units will make it to market, but it’s another statement of intent from the German giants. Gearslutz has been a much-used platform for Uli Behringer, who used the forum earlier this year to preview a new SCI Pro-One clone.