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Download a free set of tools for Ableton Live 10

Envelop for Live is a game-changing suite of free spatial sound tools...

Ableton and Envelop have released a set of free spatial sound tools you can use in popular music production software Live 10.

Non-profit Envelop — directed by Christopher Willits — are working to open up a space for exploring 3D sound in music. Now they’ve collaborated with Ableton to release “a set of Max for Live-powered devices for working with spatial audio production and live performance.”

Envelop for Live is most useful for those looking to work in spatial audio and live performance. You will need the full version of Ableton Live 10 Suite to run it.

Spatial audio is music in which the location and movement of the sounds is the primary feature for the listener. Equipment required to compose and play 3D music has been expensive in the past which has limited its practicality.

Envelop’s new add-on for Live 10 is free and allows users to “improvise with space, hear the results through headphones, and scale up to as many speakers as you want.”

The package includes a mixer for panning audio sources, multi format reverbs, delays and  soundshapers and many more specialised effects for developers. 

Download and read more information about the software here

In other DAW news, this week it was announced that FL Studio 20 is finally coming to Mac