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First Look | Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 Mixer

Pioneer DJ have just announced their brand new six channel mixer, the very impressive DJM-V10.

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Pioneer DJ have announced a new flagship mixer – the DJM-V10. Featuring six channels, new FX and filters, a compressor on every channel, the ability to reroute effects internally and a new isolator three-band master EQ. Speaking of EQ, the V10 features four-band EQ, similar to that of the Allen & Heath Xone range, doubling up on the mid with a Mid-Lo and Mid-Hi band per channel. 

The filter now has a dedicated LFP and HPF button that operates across the whole range of the knob, rather than the classic Pioneer DJ single knob for both HPF and LPF. Color FX have been replaced by ‘Built-in FX’, with the usual Dub Echo, Long Delay, Short Delay and Reverb now operating in parallel rather than as an insert. That means that the effect is introduced underneath the dry audio signal from the player or turntable, though they can be changed back to an Insert with the Master FX button. The Built-in FX can then be routed into their own channel and be treated like any other input for filtering, EQing, compressing etc. You can even send only the affected signal to the standard Beat FX for more sound sculpting.

If you’re using hardware FX units, the send knob will operate as an effect send for anything routed to the quarter-inch ports at the rear. Beat FX have also got a new effect in the form of Shimmer, a smeared reverb and delay style effect, with lots of harmonics and tones. 

There’s a dual headphones option now b2bs, with dedicated cue, mix and level options for each headphone port and booth EQ helps shape the sound of the booth, tweaking out any harsh mids or piercing highs from a less-than-ideal booth monitor. The compressor knob on each channel doesn’t offer any more controls than ‘amount’ but is designed to boost ‘unmastered’ tracks or give a synth, sampler or drum machine some extra power to match up with mastered tracks. 

The unit comes in at £2,799, and isn’t designed to replace the 900nxs2 – it’s designed more for DJs who use external equipment or want more creativity when re-routing FX. Watch our First Look video below for more insight into the new V10.