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Get the sound of classic Roland Juno synths in a $99 pedal

TC Electronic's new device mimics the sound of the classic Roland Juno-60 chorus…

Get the sound of Roland's classic Juno range with a new pedal from TC Electronic. Previously previewed as a mono version, the final release is now stereo meaning you can run your DAW tracks and stereo synths through the unit for the authentic ’80s chorus vibe from the Juno range.

Called the June-60, it simply features an on/off switch as well as the two versions a chorus effect and stereo ins and outs. It's fully analogue and a complete copy of the original circuit, using BBD chips and the same design as the original hardware.

Coming in at $99, it looks like a winner for any fans of the original Juno – which is all of us, right? You can get the authentic sound of Juno chorus by buying Moby's Juno-106 that recently went up for auction

TC Electronic June 60 chorus pedal Juno 60 synth