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IK Multimedia have made a hardware analogue synth for less than £200: Watch

The UNO synth is the company's first foray into hardware…

IK Multimedia have a made a fully-analogue hardware mono synth for under £200. This is the company's first move into the hardware world and it's a welcome one, with their new synth UNO offering a fully-analogue signal path in a small form factor. It features two oscillators including saw, triangle and pulse waveshapes, a multi-mode filter, step sequencer, 100 presets and unique performance buttons for on-the-fly effects. The UNO is battery- or USB-powered and has MIDI I/O via breakout cable. 

We've become accustomed to high-quality mini analogue gear, so the UNO is well placed to be a success if the sound is as big as they claim. We'll get our hands on it as soon as it's available to find out. If mini analogue machines are your thing, Arturia's recent MiniBrute 2 is a similar form and style to the UNO – check it out here