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Loopmasters' new bass synth is sampled from legendary hardware: Watch

Bass Master combines sample technology with synthesis shaping…

Loopmasters' new synth Bass Master is designed to be your one-stop solution for bass. Featuring over 350 presets, 13 filter types and 217 waveshapes across two oscillators, it claims to be a fully-featured bass machine, using Loopmasters' expert knowledge of sample curation and techniques.

Using samples from "legendary" hardware classics, each presets comes with parameters mapped out across macros for quick access to tweaking. There's also FX like distortion, reverb and chorus to give your sound some stereo width. A 'Direct Out' function also allows you to send the sub as a separate output to make sure it's clean and untreated. Bass Master is available now for an intro price of £49.99 before rising to £69.99.

Watch the video below for more info. If you're looking for more Loopmasters' content their new Loopcloud service has just been upgraded to version 2.0.