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Luciano releases statement about addiction and rehab in the wake of Avicii’s death

The Cadenza label head has been sober for one year... 

Luciano has released a statement about addiction and rehab following the tragic death of Avicii (pictured), who was found on Friday 20th April, in an Oman hotel room.

In the wake of the news tributes have come flooding in. Nile Rodgers declared the star 'one of my favourite people in the world to work with'. Tiesto saw him amongst ‘the most talented and innovative producers’Armin Van Buuren described the loss as ‘a wake up call for all of us’. And DJ Mag's Charlotte Lucy Cijffers paid respect by charting how the 28-year-old had shaped EDM.

On Friday Cadenza boss Luciano, who has also battled with substance and alcohol abuse but is now 12 months sober, made a deeply personal statement on Facebook. 

"Today I am one year old, my rebirth day," the post begins. "It is now time for me to share, speak about the past year of my life, the moment I stopped suffering in silence and took a decision that was going to take me on an entire new journey in my life." 

He goes on to describe the shame of battling addiction, how he went to rehab in Dara, Thailand and the need to openly talk about issues surrounding dependency. 

"I wanted to share my experience and bring to light the consequences and knowledge about certain behaviors and dangers. There is such an enormous sadness to see the story of Tim Avicii, a young hard-working person and talented in his genre of music, dying from pushing it over the limit. 

"[S]o many times I felt so close to what happened to Tim, that loneliness, isolation and [e]specially the feeling of not being understood was generating high level of anxiety, depression and driving me confused cause nobody ever spoke about the illness that touring and pushing generates." 

Read the full statement below.